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All machines need regular attention and overhauling them at set intervals not only enhances their longevity but also a direct impact on the longevity of the overall functioning. Users must, however, remember that cold room maintenance is not simple. It needs to be precise, within the time scheduled and extremely focused.

Especially in a tropical country like Malaysia, high humidity with warm temperature will cause the storage food rotten very fast if our cold room is malfunctioning.

As a cold room maintenance firm, we do understand the user’s limitation, especially if they deal with easily perishable goods like fruits and vegetables and essential items like medicines. The primary approach has to be timely service with unmatched perfection and a direct assessment of the overall maintenance profile of a cold room.

The Standard Operating Procedure

Being consistent amongst the market leaders in cold room maintenance, the onus is directly on us to ensure that we set certain specific benchmarks in terms of creating a holistic maintenance timetable for cold rooms.

Check Refrigerant Levels

This is one of the primary determinants of cold room efficiency. Monitor the temperature of the cold room and make sure that the refrigerant is nowhere below the desired level for optimum functioning.

Check Refrigeration

Regular check up of any monitorable like potential oil leakage, Freon levels in each system, ice formation in the evaporator and pressure levels are all very important.

Improving Efficiency

Regular maintenance can help achieve this by ensuring that the condenser coil fins are clean, reverse blowing is working at optimum levels and overall functioning at optimum levels.

Cleaning Defrost Valves

It is absolutely important to pay attention to the defrosting valve and keeping it clean under all circumstances. It is the only way that efficiency levels can be improved simultaneously.

Perform Mock Test

Given our wide experience in trouble shooting and knowing how reliable and electric circuit is, it becomes absolutely necessary to ensure that regular tests and drills are conducted in a way that no problem goes undetected for too long and as common wisdom goes, the sooner you identify a problem, the faster we get the problem solved and lesser the money loss.

Check Cold Room Doors

Often you must have noticed that despite the vital statistics being proper, the cold room might not be functioning at desired levels. The problem might be with the door. There is a chance that for whatever reason if it does not close properly, it could interfere with the cooling. Therefore, this too is part of the regular check-up schedule.

Pump Maintenance

Cold room includes both warm double and cold pumps. They help remove the unnecessary heat and let the cold room remain at the desired temperature. The pressure and the temperature settings are primary requisites for their proper functioning.

Why do you need To Get In Touch With Us?

We are one of the most dependable names in the cold room maintenance industry, and people respect us for our undying commitment levels and thorough follow up. We conduct regular, weekly and monthly maintenance at all facilities and project headquarters for improved customer satisfaction.

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